Years 3 and 4

Welcome to Years 3 and 4

Assistant Head: Mrs Z Mizon

Wellbeing Worker: Mrs H Tranmer

Year 4 Teachers: Mrs L Sage, Mrs C Eldon and Mr A Fox

Year 3 Teachers: Mr M Lindgren, Mrs C Bagnall, Mrs R Egan and Mrs T Knight

Support Staff: Mrs J Brocklebank, Miss J Johns, Miss R Crick, Mrs L Edmans, Mrs S Weekes, Mr J Murray, Miss K Hanlon, Miss B Maloy, Mrs M Good, Mrs L Weekes and Mrs D Morley


At Withernsea Primary we teach a broad and balanced curriculum using a lines of enquiry approach, which is project based. Each term the children will complete work encompassing history, geography, art and design technology skills to answer a key question.

We follow the National Curriculum but also exercise our academy freedoms to use our local environment and community to ensure our learning is realistic and grounded within our local context.

Each line of enquiry reaches a conclusion with a final product that is planned, purposeful with an identified audience. We encourage the children to see their work as developing, improving and striving towards a final polished product that may need several drafts before they are happy with it as being the best they can produce. The final products and visits and experiences may change as different opportunities arise.

We promote growth mindsets encouraging children to work hard, persevere, make a good effort and to enjoy rising to a challenge. We challenge their learning, encourage them to learn from their mistakes and not to perceive learning as easily mastered tasks but something they will make errors at and then can learn and build on these to make greater progress. 

Year 4

Why should we protect the rainforests?

Why is Hollywood special to Withernsea?

Who were the Vikings?

Year 3

Who were the best - Romans or Celts?

What makes Withernsea special?

How does the countryside shape our lives?

Please click here for an overview of what each Year group will learn about over the coming year