Subject Coordinator - Mrs H Todd


PSHCE is taught on a rota alongside R.E. and Music, from Y1 to Y6. In the Summer Term we hold a themed week with a health and fitness focus.

As a school we take part in Comic/Sport Relief, Children in Need and other fundraising to support Citizenship. We invite visitors into assemblies to inform the children of health and safety issues when and where necessary.

Our monthly newsletter home contains a healthy schools page to inform parents/carers of updates. 

Our class and school councils meet regularly and pupil voice is important to us. Children complete questionnaires regularly about bullying and other issues of concern.  To help support the welfare of children we operate a nurture room, known as the Acorn Room, and elect 'Buddies' to help solve break time problems. Our school uses restorative techniques to encourage children to solve problems peacefully and with greater independence.