SLT Lead - Mrs C Neale

Subject Coordinators:  KS1 - Mrs J Hostick

                                      KS2 - Mrs L Sage


Mathematical skills are vital life skills and therefore a focus of great importance for us at Withernsea Primary School.

Lessons are daily with specific skills being taught as well as practising these concepts in other lessons.  We follow the 2014 national curriculum.

The children work in their classes for lessons but work is tailored to their individual needs. Work is carefully differentiated for each pupil so pupils work at the level best for them and to develop their skills. This means that not all pupils work at age related expectations - some will be challenged to work above through deepening their understanding, and others are supported whilst working below the expectations.

HLTAs and TAs are used to consolidate learning during some afternoon sessions. They work with any children who have not fully grasped the teaching in the morning lesson. This ensures that pupils do not fall behind on their learning. 
All teachers are responsible for the mathematics in their classroom; however, we also have a mathematics team to lead this subject in school. They ensure we have the right resources and a consistent approach to teaching and learning using the Maths Hub.
Every year we evaluate mathematics by observing lessons being taught by teachers, looking at how the teachers plan the subject, looking at teacher assessment, asking the children about their lessons for their thoughts and ideas, and evaluating the work the children have produced.

Using all this information we prepare an annual action plan to develop the subject. An evaluation is carried out each summer and produced for the Governors.

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Long term planning


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Number plates and swimming pool

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Shop centre and walk home


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