Medical and Health

If your child suffers from Asthma then please click here for our Asthma information form, which you should complete and return to school as soon as possible.

For any other medical complaints your child/ren may suffer from, please complete this form. Please click here.

Click here for advice, guidance and research on different medical conditions.

Click here for information about how the NHS supports the health of the children in our school.

Food in School and Food Allergies

Over the course of the school year, children participate in cookery, food tasting and bun sales.  They also take part in parties and special events such as Oscar ceremonies when party food is available.  When parents contribute food items we always ask for shop bought produce to ensure ingredients are clearly labelled. 

At the start of each school year we will be sending letters home stating all of the above and asking for reply slips to confirm YES/NO to your child being able to participate in these activities.   There will be the opportunity for you to state any foods your child must avoid if that is relevant to them.  We already retain medical information, but we have been advised that for Health & Safety reasons we must ask for reply slips specifically stating YES/NO to this so we are absolutely clear on your wishes.

In addition to the annual letter we plan on sending text reminders each term to ask you to advise us if anything has changed since you signed the letter.

A list of Allergens contained in the school meals provided by Withernsea High School is held in both North and South Offices at the Primary School and can be viewed upon request.

Many thanks for your cooperation with this.