Investors in Pupils

What is Investors in Pupils?

It is all about the children taking control of their own learning. They will be finding out about resources in school including how much they cost and where the money comes from to buy them. They will develop a deeper understanding of the staff in the school and the role that they play. Much of the award is based around their behaviour and learning through independent and class targets. Each classroom will have a display to help keep the children focused.

We believe that taking part in the programme will help the children achieve high standards in their education and will equip them with important life skills.

The five areas of Investors in Pupils


Each classroom's display has individual targets set by the children themselves. The display shows the progress they are all making and how this contributes to the class reaching its goals.


The children learn to take responsibility for their behaviour in their lessons and around school. They work together to make the school a pleasant place.

Classroom Management

Each class has a target which is decided between the children and the teacher. The children are encouraged to make the class a pleasant and safe place to work.


The children understand the importance of good attendance and how it affects their learning. An attendance shield is given out each ½ term for the best class. They then have their photograph taken which is displayed in the corridor.


Each class now has an induction booklet which is for new members to the class including adults. It contains lots of important information and pictures. We hope this makes new people feel very welcome to the class and to the school as a whole.

This term we will continue to move forward with our efforts to embed Investors in Pupils (IIP) into the school.

Below is a list of some of the things that will be happening during the course of the term.

  • Each class will be given £20 to spend as the children wish
  • A parent's file will be placed in the school reception showing what IIP looks like in the school
  • The school council will be working to come up with a whole school target
  • Children will be finding out more about the staff in the school and the jobs that they do
  • During aspirations week members of the public will be coming into school to talk about the jobs that they do and how they got to where they are