Home School Liaison

Mrs Allen is our Home to School Liaison Officer.

Active communication between parents and the school is encouraged.   Regular newsletters keep parents informed of school life and any changes in rules or organisation.  Parents are invited to visit whenever the need arises.   It would, however, be most helpful if parents could telephone the school office to make an appointment unless the matter is urgent.

Mrs Allen is available as the first point of contact for parents from 8.45am until 3.20 pm.


Please telephone the office on 01964 612800 the first day of absence and send a note explaining the absence when he/she returns.  Without this information from you, under current legislation, your child will be regarded as an unauthorised absentee, and will be marked accordingly on his report.

5 days of unauthorised absence in a 13-week period, will invoke a fixed penalty fine of £60 (LA).