Governors Introduction

Since the introduction of Local Management of Schools, the governing body has a much greater say in the running of the school, the appointment of staff and the financial running of the school.  It is vitally important, therefore that the governors take seriously this greatly increased responsibility and workload and give the considerable amount of time necessary, if this is to work effectively.   Fortunately we have a governing body, which works hard, in conjunction with the staff of the school to the benefit of the pupils at the school.

The full governing body meets once a term, unless an extraordinary meeting for a specific purpose is convened.   During the course of the year there are termly meetings of the various committees and working parties.

We have a designated Governor for each year group and Governor membership of our Curriculum Teams.   Governors with particular subject responsibilities visit the school to regularly meet with an appropriate member of staff to discuss current progress and links to our School Improvement Plan.   These visits are reported back to the full Governing Body at the termly meeting.

We also hold annual assemblies where those Governors available are present to answer questions from the children on their role and aspects of school.   Governors are also invited to present at some celebration assemblies and attend Sport Days. 

For anyone interested in becoming a school Governor, please lodge your expression of interest with the school via the North Building Office.

Have a look at our Governors Induction Policy for an overview.