Erasmus Project



We are taking part in a European funded project with schools from across Europe including Belgium, Lithuania, Italy, Tenerife, Romania and Bulgaria.

Description :

This Erasmus funded project sets out to look at learning that can take place beyond the restraints of the classroom setting.

We hope to learn in context and through experience and place. We share a common belief across Europe that we need to offer different and challenging experiences to stimulate all pupils learning and development. This project will be accessible to all pupils of all backgrounds of all abilities due to its hands on practical approach to learning. There are so many more opportunities to be had for learning beyond the confinement of the classroom and to share innovative ways to do this will be invaluable in our teaching and learning styles in partner school.

Objectives :

Our shared aim to develop the achievements of our pupils to work to the best of their abilities led to thinking of other ways for pupils to approach their learning. Best practice of learning beyond the classroom has been found to happen when schools saw the benefit of a wider exciting curriculum. Because of the nature of the project, we believe that it will develop pupils self confidence, aspirations and when measured, attendance and achievement.


First meeting – welcoming the partners from Belgium, Tenerife, Romania, Lithuania, Bulgaria and Italy here at Withernsea Primary School.


Planning meeting for the next part of the project in Bulgaria for teachers only. This was attended by Mrs Wright who brought back tasks and activities for pupils and staff to work on to continue links with our partner schools.

(Video showing pupils in Bulgaria welcoming us to Bulgaria.)


Training meetings – In Italy - 30th of January 2017

Pupils, teachers, headteachers and families welcomed all Partners by a “ Welcome Ceremony” held at “Piazza Quattro Novembre” Primary school.

Training Meeting in Romania – 15th May – 19th May 2017 – Attended by Mrs Wright and Miss Seager


We shared ways of enhancing the school environment for learning. One was with decorated rocks. As a school, we have all painted rocks and will be enhancing our school environment with them this summer.

Miss Seager and Mrs Wright worked with pupils from the Romanian school and shared some of the lessons they had created with the pupils from the UK. They also brought lessons and ideas back and shared them with pupils and staff from Withernsea Primary School to provide fresh and new ideas.

They also took skipping ropes to our Romanian partner school and taught some skipping games. The skipping ropes were kindly donated by ‘Box-2-b-fit’ Later in the year, pupils will take part in ‘virtual lessons’ with the pupils, all skipping together via skype.

Training in Tenerife - November 13-17 – Attended by Mr Lindgren, Mrs Lindgren and 4 of our year 6 pupils.

Pupils had to prepare a native tree book. Our Year 6 pupils worked hard to prepare this and a copy was given to each partner school. We also have a book from each partner school about native trees to their countries. Please see these using the link below.


The focus for this training was recycling. Many activities were taught and again, the pupils and staff came back and shared the ideas learnt in the school in Tenerife. The year 6 pupils worked with the year 3 pupils teaching them about ways to use recycled materials in various projects including musical instruments.

This was an amazing opportunity for some of our pupils to experience a different culture, a different country and attend a different school. They had many stories to tell and came back with a wealth of experience.

Following this, we hope to be introducing various recycling programs within school to address the problems we face relating to this problem.



Parents are welcome to visit the project platform to see the progress of the project and the activities taking place within it.