Design Technology

Subject Coordinators - Mrs J Clarke and Miss M Jones

During the year, the children design and make a range of materials which include electrical and mechanical components, food, moldable materials, stiff and flexible sheet materials and textiles.

As we are thematic based, our Design Technology is very well integrated with other curriculum subjects such as History, Geography and RE. 

We have many resources available including specialised resources such as woodwork trolleys, the food technology room and the ICT suite.

The children have a Creative Journal which is used to collect and develop ideas, thoughts and designs to help with the DT process. 

Design and Technology  

Year 1

Autumn – food chopping techniques, food hygiene, measure and weigh food, assemble and cook ingredients 

Spring- junk modelling- dinosaur habitat

Summer – design, critique and improve an animal mask, make and evaluate their masks, design and make a finger puppet- cutting, shaping, joining and decorating textiles, weaving to create patterns, create pictures with levers as mechanisms

Year 2

Autumn – design, make and evaluate making a boat from recycled materials, design and sculp clay sea creatures, making and evaluating pirate food

Spring- design and make and evaluate corn chowder, design create and evaluate totem poles, design make and evaluate dream catchers.

Summer - design, create and evaluate a castle with a flag, deign, make and evaluate a shield

Year 3

Autumn – design and create own mosaic, create shields and weapons as props for green screen work

Spring – Plan and make punch and Judy puppets and a punch and Judy show,

Summer – archimbo- create and combine shapes- replicate techniques used by artists an designer, add material to provide interest and improve designs, Jam making

Year 4

Autumn – make a model of a Viking boat using joining techniques, design textiles using Viking runes, research and design and make a Viking shield, prepare food for a Viking day inc making bread,

Spring – Design of a Hollywood star, plan design and make a photo frame , design and make an Oscar award, prepare food for Oscar celebrations

Summer – rainforest foods and cookery, research make and design a rainforest shelter,

Year 5

Autumn – cookery- traditional British recipes, patchwork and use different sewing stiches, evaluate the product,

Spring - DT woodwork creation beach groins, DT design wind turbines using recycled materials with an electric circuit,

Summer –  Tudor food cookery, design a supreme court emblem

Year 6

Autumn – mending and  recycle clothing- different sewing techniques, build and design an Anderson style shelter, party catering and food for victory party,

Spring – Make English and Italian desserts and also traditional English and Italian main courses

Summer – making props for performance