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Numeracy skills are vital life skills and therefore a focus of great importance for us at Withernsea Primary School.

Lessons are daily with specific skills being taught as well as practising these concepts in other lessons.  We follow the new national curriculum.

The children work in Numeracy groups rather than classes for lessons so that the work can be tailored to their individual needs. Work is carefully differentiated for each pupil so pupils work at the level best for them and to develop their skills. This means not all pupils work at age related expectations some will be challenged to work above, and others supported working below expectations.
All teachers are responsible for the numeracy in their classroom. However we also have a numeracy team to lead this subject in school, they ensure we have the right resources and a consistent approach to teaching and learning.
Every year we evaluate numeracy, we observe lessons being taught by all teachers, look at how the teachers plan the subject, look at teacher assessment and we ask the children about their lessons for their thoughts and ideas and evaluate the work the children have produced.

Using all this information we prepare an annual action plan to develop the subject.

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