English is a key skill and is a focus of great importance for us at Withernsea Primary School. 

As well as being incorporated into all areas of learning, specific skills are taught in daily English lessons from Year 1 to Year 6.  These lessons are based on the Primary Framework and focus on narrative, poetry and non-fiction for each Year group.  In the Foundation Stage opportunities for English are incorporated into the child’s day according to the principles of the Early Years Foundation Stage.

We have pupil target booklets to focus on developing writing which are part of our website.  In addition our school has embraced the Every Child a Writer (ECAW) initiative, with a particular focus on this in Years 3 and 4. 

Work is carefully differentiated for each pupil to enable pupils to work at the best level for them and to develop their skills.  To meet their individual needs some children will work at age related expectations while others will be challenged to work above, or supported to work below, these expectations.

Pupils are taught handwriting, spelling and phonics as discrete skills.  Phonics is introduced in the Foundation Stage and consolidated throughout Key Stage 1 and 2. 

Speaking and Listening is a fundamental English skill, reflected in the Every Child a Talker (ECAT) programme which is being introduced in school.  Foundation Stage has a particular focus on this aspect through the recently introduced Talk for Reading initiative.

Guided Reading is delivered to all children, working in small groups, throughout the school.  Pupils also regularly take reading books home and we have a Parental Reading Guide which is also included on this website.  We are in the process of preparing a Parental Reading Guide and Writing Guide

All teachers are responsible for English in their classroom.  In addition we have a English team who lead this subject in school and also ensure we have the right resources and a consistent approach to teaching and learning.

Every year we evaluate English by monitoring teachers’ planning, observing lessons taught by all teachers, looking at assessment and talking to the children about their learning.

Using all this information we prepare an annual action plan to develop English.  Our current focus is on developing the writing skills of our pupils.  These skills seem to be developing more slowly than reading skills and progress is slower.  We are looking at effective teaching and learning techniques to develop our writing skills and have increased opportunities for children to write and practise their developing skills in all areas of their learning.