Healthy School

At Withernsea Primary we try to encourage the children to lead a healthy lifestyle.

Lets Cook!

Phunky Foods

The school has recently been introduced to the Phunky Food website which provides excellent resources to use both at home and school. Use the link below to try the website for yourself.

There is a section on useful healthy tips and recipes for parents and also a children’s section with fun activities and games.  In class, the staff and children will be using the schools section with a different log to ensure that tasks will not be duplicated.

Visit the site regularly to keep up to date with changes.

In July 2011 we held a Health Week and the children were invited to take part in a poster competition promoting keeping fit.

Some of the winning posters are shown below:

The classes in Year 5 are currently receiving training from theHullCity“Fit to Play” Team. The children spend one afternoon a week learning new skills outside the classroom with the sports coaches followed by classroom based PHSCE work.

The children particularly enjoyed the session on healthy eating where they got an opportunity to design and drink their own healthy smoothies.

In November the children will be able to visit the KC Stadium in Hull to complete their final session of the course.